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Orchid Phallaenopsis

Orchid Phallaenopsis small.

Giga Orchid

Orchid Phallaenopsis with 2 giga flowers.

White Orchid

White orchid Phallaenopsis in white ceramic.

Bonsai Ginseng Big

Bonsai Ginseng for indoor and outdoor. Good choice for office and living room.


Tilancia plant in white ceramic.

Coco Tree

Coconut tree for indoor in white ceramic.

Sansiveria Fuchsia

Sansiveria plant fuchsia painted.

Sansiveria Pink

Sansiveria plant pink painted.

Sansiveria Blue

Sansiveria plant blue painted.

Pink Orchid

Pink Orchid Phalaenopsis pink color with 2 stems in ceramic pot.

Bonsai Ginseng

Bonsai Ginseng in ceramic pot. For indoor. For the office or living room.

Αλεξανδρινό Ποινσέτια

Το φυτό των Χριστουγέννων. Αλεξανδρινό για να στολίσει το σπίτι μας τα Χριστούγεννα.

Succulent Arrangement 0037

Succulent arrangement in ceramic pot.

Aloe Tiki

Aloe Tiki plant in ceramic pot.

Succulent Arrangement 0036

Succulent arrangement in glass.

Succulent Arrangement 0035

Succulent arrangement in glass.

Succulent Arrangement

Arrangement with succulents in ceramic pot.

Succulent arrangement

Arrangement with succulents in ceramic pot.


Bonsai ginseg in ceramic pot. An indoor plant to make your desk or living room looks more beautiful .


Olive plant in a goodlooking pot.